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If you have been pulled over on the suspicion of driving under the influence, you are in need of immediate legal help. Do not hesitate to contact competent and experienced legal counsel as soon as you are charged with this crime, because the consequences you are facing can be serious and far-reaching. If you have been stopped by a police officer recently and accused of driving while intoxicated, you may need to act quickly in order to preserve your rights and liberties.

Fighting DUI Charges Aggressively & Creatively

Whether you are looking at a first time DUI charge, a second arrest, or a subsequent DUI arrest, The Law Office of Justin A. Okezie, PC can explore all possible avenues for you. Mr. Okezie’s trial experience and knowledge of DUI laws and procedures results in both the willingness and ability to fight the prosecution aggressively at every juncture in a DUI case.

There could be major negative penalties if you are convicted of driving under the influence, including fines, jail time, and revocation of your driver’s license. You generally have a small window of opportunity in which to challenge the arrest, or risk losing your license. It is essential that you have seasoned representation from the very start of your case.

Understanding Your Legal Options

From the outset of your case, you will want to be informed of the legal options that are available to you. For this reason, it is crucial to have an experienced DUI attorney on your side that has experience managing similar cases. Unless the charges are dropped in your case, you can plead not guilty and go to trial, plead guilty, or attempt to negotiate an agreement to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Especially when you are facing a second or subsequent DUI charge, you need to know your rights, options and the potential consequences for each as soon as possible. Contact Justin A. Okezie, Esq. at (202) 257-8308 to schedule a consultation today.